Information for Singers



Introductory information and FAQs for new and existing singers

Hello everyone!

  • Rehearsals are in Kentisbeare Village Hall (7-9pm) on Mondays.

  • New members and returners are always welcome - anytime!

Here’s all the latest information you will need and answers to FAQs:

1 Do I need to sign up in advance?

ALL MEMBERS, NEW AND EXISTING, should register in advance please, as it makes it much easier for us to set up our systems.

It’s quick and easy. You can register by clicking on this link
You will then receive an email and further info.

If you are unable to do so, please see Heather or Barbara, who will be on the front desk, and give them your full name, email address, and (if you know) your voice i.e. Alto, Tenor, Bass or Soprano.

2. How much are sessions and how do I pay?

We are trialling Membership Options to make it as easy as possible for anyone to join us, and/or support us, but also to enable those to join VoiceWorx who may find the Regular rate of fees currently beyond their reach, for whatever reason. Please read the notes below for further information.

The options include the existing £10 a week with advance payment discount; or if you can contribute more, £12 to help support others; or £8 for times when you feel you need a discount for any reason.

Cash payments may also be made at rehearsal if you are unable to pay online.

You may pay WEEKLY, or for as many weeks as you wish, via live pay, or by bank transfer - full details can be found here:

3. I’m new - what should I do?

Welcome! New members are welcome to join at any time during the term. Please register as requested above.

Your first session is free as a taster, and you can move around between higher and lower registers to find where your voice is most comfortable e.g. Soprano (high), Alto (middle), Tenor (usually higher men, lower ladies) Bass (all lower voices).

Please call Barbara Wood on 07815 882523 or Alan Boxer on 07980 981656 if you have any queries, or ask us at rehearsal. You’ll find that we’re a friendly group.

Otherwise, simply turn up at Kentisbeare Village Hall, just before 7pm for rehearsal and one of us will tell you how it all works and introduce you to someone if you don’t already know anyone!

4. What kind of songs do you sing?

All kinds! Our warm ups and fun sessions include all genres at one time and another. This term our theme is about "Friends" Come along to find out more!

We sing a varied range of songs and like to keep it varied.

All songs aim to give all voices, from the higher register to the lower ones, the chance to sing both harmonies and melodies at various times!

5. Do I need to be able to read music?

No, you don't have to be able to read music. We project all the words and music on a huge screen and teach you the parts so you'll soon pick it up.

6. How do I get the lyrics and music?

We have a very helpful website. Once registered you will be given access to the Members Only part of this, which gives you full access to all of our current songs as they are added during the term.

This includes full scores and recorded parts and backing tracks for you to learn and practice as you wish. You simply need to click SONGS, once you have logged in to access all the resources.

7. Do I have to attend performances?

We love to have as many singers as possible at the performances and events that we sign up to. But, no, it is not essential that you attend them! Life often gets in the way, and dates might clash - although, most people enjoy being part of the wonderful fun performances that we do.

8. Do you provide refreshments at rehearsals?

Following Covid we decided not to use the kitchen, and now have a "ChatWorx" break instead. This gives us all a chance to grab a biscuit and meet and chat during the break. Please bring cold drinks or a flask of tea etc to lubricate the vocal chords.

9. Can I bring a friend / my child?

Please feel free to bring a friend or child (aged 11 or over) at any time. We always welcome new members who will be given their first taster session free. Children are charged at £1 per rehearsal PAYG and must be accompanied by a paying adult.

10. What about Covid?
Sadly, Covid is still with us!

We will keep an eye on any new guidance, but please read the following:

  • Covid testing and vaccinations:
    We would prefer attendees to be fully vaccinated, in order to protect each other.
    If you have been in close contact with someone positive, please only attend if you have no symptoms and have not tested positive!

  • Ventilation and air circulation:
    This is still thought to be important, especially among singers to improve air-flow.
    Some doors and windows will be open. We will not open all of them, but need enough open to encourage air-flow in the Village Hall.

  • PLEASE keep your distance when queuing around Heather, and when entering the hall.
    We are very grateful to Heather for all she does. She needs to register who attends, but would prefer that payment is made on-line to minimise not only her workload, but also her contact with cash and yourselves! 

  • Use of toilets, drinks and sanitiser:
    If you use the loos please be extra vigilant and leave them tidy and clean! We re very grateful to the Village Hall for all they do in keeping things spic and span!
    Bring your own drinks - again, we think this works well as we don't have to sanitise the kitchen etc. Sanitiser will be available, but bring your own for easier access if you need it.

11. Where can I find your policy documents?
Our constitution, safeguarding and privacy policies are on the About Page.

12. I have lots more questions. Who can help?

Please have a good look around all the tabs on our website, contact us here, ask any of us at rehearsal, or call Barbara on 07815 882523 or Alan on 07980 981656.

ENJOY A GOOD SING! What better therapy is there, after all?