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  • This is me! NEW TERM starting Monday 8th January 2024
  •  Date Posted: Sun, 17 Dec 2023
    Our theme from January 2024 will be 'This is me': songs about being yourself!
    Sign up below, or join us at a rehearsal.

    We rehearse Mondays 7-9pm, Kentisbeare Village Hall
    We are always seeking new members, so do come along at
    6.45 for a cuppa and we'll start singing soon after 7pm


  • Summer Music Festival 9th July 1-5pm at the Wyndham Arms
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 5 Jul 2023
    Loads of great live music all afternoon at the Wyndham Arms in Kentisbeare. 
    Marram Grass - local new folk/originals/restyled covers
    Wyndham Singers - male voice choir
    Uffculme School Jazz Band - energetic popular jazz and soul
    VoiceWorx - community voices singing a wide range of uplifting 'feel good' songs.

  • New Summer Term - FEELING GOOD!
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 12 Apr 2023
    We're just a few days away from the start of our summer term. We'll be meeting as usual on MONDAY 17th APRIL from 7-9pm in Kentisbeare Village Hall (EX15 2AB). Our theme for this term is "Feeling Good!" - songs to make you feel good and, as usual, we will be singing lots of fun songs, in a range of styles. There's something to suit everyone. We're looking forward to welcoming everyone back - if you're an existing member, don't forget to register. If you're thinking of joining us for the first time, have a browse around our website and sign up, or simply come along a little early on Monday to meet us and have a go. Your first session is FREE! 

    Feeling Good!

    April 17, 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22 (Not 29th MAY)  June 5, 12, 19, 26 July 3, 10th July BIG SING

    PERFORMANCES (included with no additional charge)
    7th May - Walronds, Cullompton 12.30-2pm
    9th July Performance - WYNDHAM ARMS GARDEN midday onwards
    Others TBC

  • Our Spring Sing - Roundup!
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 28 Mar 2023
    It was wonderful to see lots of familiar faces at our 'Big Sing' on Monday 27th March. We try to finish each term with a singing party, singing a few songs from this term as well as revisiting favourites from our back catalogue. We all brought drinks and nibbles, we enjoyed a hilarious song written especially for the night by Alan Dodds, Maria ran a quiz (the winners were "The Altos"!!) and there was, of course, LOTS of singing! 

  • Big Sing Monday 27th March
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 24 Mar 2023
    Big Sing Monday 27th March
    We finish every term with a cracking evening of belting out some favourite songs from our current and back catalogue, with a chance to socialise and often some surprises thrown in! We’d like to encourage new people to come along, so if you have a friend who’s not in the choir but who you think might enjoy it, do bring them with you. We’re inviting a £5 donation from people who aren’t currently signed-up members for the whole term. BYO tipples and nibbles.
  • Oil theft leaves Devon choir singing in the cold
  •  Date Posted: Fri, 24 Mar 2023
    Oil theft leaves Devon choir singing in the cold
    A cruel oil theft at Kentisbeare Village Hall has left VoiceWorx Devon singers shivering. Despite the actions of thieves stealing heating oil and damaging the oil tank during the weekend of 4 and 5 March, VoiceWorx singers still went ahead with their rehearsal on March 6 preparing for their next concert on March 25 to raise funds for the DEC Earthquake relief.

    Read more on the Devon Live website.
  • Tickets now available for our Spring Concert
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 6 Mar 2023
    Tickets now available for our Spring Concert
    Buy tickets.

    Donations will be invited to support DEC Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria. 

    Thank you
  • Spring Term
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 9 Jan 2023
    Spring Term
    Songs this term will be on the theme of 'You've Got a Friend'. Starts Monday, 16th January. We're looking forward to seeing everyone. If you're not already signed up, you can sign up now!
  • AUTUMN TERM STARTS 12TH SEPTEMBER - nb we ARE rehearsing on 19th September.
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 8 Sep 2022

    Hello everyone,

    We are all ready for you on Monday 12th September, and looking forward to seeing everyone at 7pm in Kentisbeare Village Hall. If you’ve been thinking about starting, or returning to, VoiceWorx, now is the time because we’ll be singing all the ‘hits’!

    All the information you need to register and FAQs about rehearsals are here on the website.
    Please have a read through, whether you are a new or existing singer since it contains lots of useful NEW guidance!
    If you have yet to register, please do take a moment to do so now - Click here REGISTRATION.

    You might have heard that Alan (our Director) is enjoying a well-earned holiday for the next two weeks, but we didn’t want you to have to wait that long to get singing again, so Maria will be kicking off rehearsals.
    Have a look on Facebook at her new video here!

    The music and recordings for the songs that we’ll be rehearsing on Monday are already on the website, so do go and have a listen and start to familiarise yourself with them. You will need to be registered to get access. Double click on the SONGS tab to get access.  

    • Jolene (Dolly Parton) – a new 3-part arrangement. We briefly tried an earlier arrangement of this during lockdown, so please ensure you’re looking at the most recent version.
    • Blame it on the Boogie (Michael Jackson)
    • Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)

    Plus one or two that we’re already familiar with.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Monday! Feel free to bring a friend along for a free taster session.

    From Maria and the A-team! 

  • Worthy Cause
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 13 Jul 2022
    From Worthy Farm to a worthy cause and back in a day!

    Worthy – 1                                    29 June 2022

    Most people who were fortunate enough to get Glastonbury Festival tickets would probably savour every single minute they had there to scour the fields of Worthy Farm in Somerset for every sound of music they could possibly find or hear! 

    But, one man, Alan Boxer, and his band -- well orchestra to be precise-- returned home during the Glastonbury festival to Kentisbeare, Mid Devon, in order to conduct the premiere of the “Culm Valley Orchestra” in the local Village Hall last Saturday afternoon, and so raising over £500 for another ‘Medics4Ukraine’ Medical Trauma Box for Ukraine! 

    Playing some moving pieces after a Chinese rendition of Tu Ning, the Kentisbeare audience including several children, were treated to a wonderful repertoire from Bizet to Beethoven and Walton to Delius. 

    Alan Boxer, Conductor of Culm Valley Orchestra is also Music Director of VoiceWorx Community Choir. Alan and fellow VoiceWorx choir member Dr Neil Rushton, (known locally as a highly active peace campaigner and part of the Festival Medical Services team for Glastonbury Festival), have sought several opportunities to raise funds for ‘Medics4Ukraine’.   

    Neil had first introduced Alan to Nich Woolf BEM at the festival over 20 years ago! Nich is also a key player in the Festival Medical Services team and, having been awarded the BEM as a Paramedic for his services in helping people in very dangerous situations such as Haiti, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as Ukraine, the three of them persuaded the various musical groups that Alan leads to make donations to ‘Medics4Ukraine’.

    VoiceWorx Community Choir, also based in Kentisbeare held a joint choir concert with Tale Valley Choir and ‘Bel Canto’ choir (also led by Alan) in April raising over £3,500 to help supply another seven Medical Trauma Boxes for Ukraine. 

    Nich Woolf, who attended the concert, explained the ‘Medics4Ukraine’ mission:  “To supply lifesaving trauma supplies to the front line; to train fellow medics to help save lives in extremes, and to supply paediatric medicine.” 

    Music is said to bring people together, and Barbara Wood, VoiceWorx Chair, who attended the Orchestral Premiere too was delighted to meet Tamara there, a Ukrainian Refugee who is staying with another choir member. 

    Tamara was visibly touched by the generosity and support she received from fellow choir members attending and, wearing a T-Shirt with a slogan saying, “I was born free”, expressed her grateful thanks on behalf of her fellow Ukrainians for the great support from the UK. 

    Encouraging Tamara to come along to a rehearsal, Barbara told her that Alan Boxer will no doubt return to VoiceWorx and ‘Bel Canto’ choirs, as well as ‘Activ8’, the local youth theatre, with more wonderful ideas and songs for everyone to try! 

    “In our choir, we have learned songs that we never thought we could, ranging from the Beatles and Queen, to Elbow and George Ezra, with many classical, folk and all genres along the way of the VoiceWorx journey! Hopefully Tamara will join us too and teach us some Ukrainian songs!”
    Worthy – 2

    Dr Neil Rushton added: “If music can heal the world, then these acts of selfless determination and collaboration can only be positive in a world of uncertainty that has regressed 60 years in the wake of wanton Soviet aggression.”

    Alan Boxer, who returned to his friends at Glastonbury later on Saturday evening to enjoy the live sessions from fantastic Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and many others, said: “There was huge support for the Ukraine at the festival, complete with a live appeal from President Zelenskyy himself.” 

    The next fund-raising event for ‘Medics4Ukraine’ will be the VoiceWorx Summer Music Festival on the afternoon of Sunday 17th July which will feature VoiceWorx and ‘Bel Canto’ choirs, Castle Town Folk Group from Bradninch, plus other local young musicians and soloists, in The Wyndham Arms Garden in Kentisbeare. 

    Entrance is free, for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment to help support a worthy cause, and donations can be made direct to ‘Medics4Ukraine’ at:

    Further information and contact details from Barbara Wood 07815 882523 and 

  • Covid Precautions Winter 2021
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 15 Nov 2021
    REMINDER Covid precautions are still important – keep on testing!

    Test, Mask, Coat, Chair Sing!
    Bring your chair, coats & layers to keep warm 
    & a drink to lubricate those vocal chords,
    wear a mask on entry & when registering,
    and most of all,
    What better therapy is there, after all?!

    We are following guidance around this as follows. Please read:-
    Covid testing and vaccinations: 
    We would prefer attendees to be fully vaccinated, in order to protect each other.
    Please do a Lateral Flow Test before attending to show a Clear result (ie negative)
    If you have been in close contact with someone positive, or have been pinged, please only attend if you have negative tests, AND please follow the NHS guidance emailed to you.
    Ventilation and air circulation:
    This is thought to be important, especially among singers to improve air-flow.
    Despite the colder weather, some doors and windows will be open.
    We will not open all of them, but need enough open to encourage air-flow in the Village Hall.
    PLEASE wear masks and keep your distance when queuing around Heather, and when entering the hall. 
    We are very grateful to Heather for all she does. She needs to register who attends, but would prefer that payment is made on-line to minimise not only her workload, but also her contact with cash and yourselves!  
    Otherwise, wearing a mask is still optional when moving around, but is encouraged if you prefer.
    Chairs, use of toilets, drinks and sanitiser:
    Remember to bring your own chairs – We are all agreed this works well, and are keen to continue so that we don’t have to sanitise and wipe hall chairs down!
    If you use the loos please be extra vigilant and leave them tidy and clean! 
    Bring your own drinks - again, we think this works well as we don't have to sanitise the kitchen etc.
    Sanitiser will be available, but bring your own for easier access when you need it. 
  • Latest news and Action Group Notes
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 21 Oct 2021
    VoiceWorx  - Action Group News

    A few notes and updates for you

    4th October 2021
    Present: Alan, Barbara, Heather, Paul, Linda, plus Ceri Neil, & David
    Apols: Gavin, Caitlin
    1. How’s it going so far this Autumn?
    • Home page and other pages have been updated and further updates will follow. AB/PS/BW aiming to keep it up to date.
    • Songs AB has done songs with backing tracks, music sheets and also lyric sheets now being added. All agreed this is really good to have as we work on new songs.
    Sectionals – very well received – 7 sopranos 9 altos 9 T&B – all agreed a worthwhile session – further sessions may be added

    Rehearsals – wonderful to be back together!
    Alan is happy to continue “solo”. Sue won’t be coming this term – we wish her all the best, but understand that her family needs her this term.

    REMINDER Covid precautions still important – doors and windows need to be open – please test before attending – don’t come if ill or been in contact with others who are – masks optional but encouraged if in very close contact for example.  Remember to bring own chairs – All agreed this works well, and keen to continue so that we don’t have to wipe hall chairs down!   BRING YOUR WOOLLIES & A DRINK!
    1. How are the finances looking?
    Heather gave a brief update – looking good as always at the start of term.
    • 71 on the register
    • Some new, some pre pandemic coming back, 7 registered, not yet appeared.
    • Main costs Music Director and music, hall, insurance and prof indemnity, website, plus sundries.
    • Marie Curie donations over £900 – aiming to get past £1k with a final push on 4th December.
    1. Plans, arrangements and jobs needing doing for 4th Dec and 11th December
    Discussion centred around publicity and advertising, flyers, social media, tickets – who does what from design to selling tickets.

    4th Dec – “The CHARITY BIG NIGHT OUT”
    • Poster coming soon - - get it in your diary and invite friends and family.
    • ALL are welcome – this really will be a BIG NIGHT OUT!
    • We will be asking for help nearer the time to set the hall and stage up – and take it down!
    • Meantime – get spreading the word – tickets coming soon! A charity event for all the family raising funds for Marie Curie with Framed, Marram Grass and The Dilly Boys – food and bar!
    11th Dec – Our Spectacular Christmas Concert!
    • 11th Dec: VoiceWorx, Bel Canto and Cullompton Community Choir
    • Watch this space for a poster and details.
    • Morning rehearsal 10am. Doors at 6.30. Concert at 7pm.
    We would welcome volunteers for 4th and 11th Dec to help as follows:

    On the day:
      • Setting up stage and seating
      • Staging and PA
      • Gavin doing the bar
    On the night: if you’re not performing perhaps you could help out here? Or maybe persuade someone?!
      • Front of House
      • Selling a raffle programme
      • Providing raffle Bottle prizes
      • Organising the draw – for collection on exit!
    In advance – All of you can help here please
      • Selling tickets
      • Sharing on social Media
    1. Other events and dates for the diary
    • 1st Nov: True Colours – recording at rehearsal in hall for Marie Curie video
    VoiceWorx have been invited by Marie Curie to video a song for their annual Christmas service/presentation which is put together into a 30 minute video. It will be put into the South West version but may find its’ way into the national one. We are planning to record “True Colours”. Please remember to come  dressed in… 

    Blue shirts, BBlack bottoms and Black shoes with Yellow Daffodils
    • 27th Nov: - Carols in Uffculme switching on the lights – with Maria
    • Carols around the Pubs for anyone who wants to join in.
      • Two Sunday evening rehearsals. Sun 5th Dec 7pm. Sun 12th Dec 7pm. Come and learn a few harmonies and descants!
      • Singing carols on these nights. Come to what you can!
        • Weds 15th Dec: Halfway House (Willand) and Merry Harriers (Westcott)
        • Thurs 16th Dec: Thirsty Farmer (Whimple) and 5 Bells (Clyst Hydon)
        • Fri 17th Dec, possibly carol service, and singing at the Keepers Cottage

    2022 ideas in the pipeline to be confirmed
    • Cully Market on 26th Feb?? End of half term?
    • 2nd April 2022 - Easter Concert
    • 4th April - BIG SING
    • Sat 7th May CHOIRWORX is BACK! We will be surveying members soon about ideas for this event.
    • Payhembury Concert TBC
    • 16th July 2022 - Wyndham Garden Festival YES
    • Other ideas:
    • Concert with Bradninch Choir (maybe April 2nd?)
    • Summer singing gigs - as this year maybe, but not all through August! Lyme Regis
    • All being well, restart in Autumn 2022 on 12th September and run through the year, as always missing half terms and school holidays. 

  • VoiceWorx in the news!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Oct 2020
    VoiceWorx was recently featured in a Radio Devon interview with Barbara Wood.

    Listen in here!

  • Welcome to "Sing Together From Home"
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 3 Oct 2020
    Welcome to "Sing Together From Home"
    (Our not-so-catchy title for this Autumn's VoiceWorx LIVE Online sessions)

    Please contact us direct to register part way through the term.

    Music and rehearsal tracks for all the parts for our headline songs are all accessible on the website once you register.

    If you can't access the website pages it may be because you haven't yet been registered as a member.

    If you are coming for a free "taster" you will be given temporary access.

    The music will be displayed on the screen as we sing, however I'd recommend that you print out your own as well. That makes it easy for you to practise when away from the sessions, and some people find it easier to have their copies in a folder ready to go because they can make marks on the music or highlight their parts etc.... But it's your call!

    HELP! Any QUESTIONS or TECH concerns or want to chat about how it will all work?

    Hope to see you soon.
  • Voiceworx LIVE online tonight
  •  Date Posted: Mon, 6 Apr 2020

    Dear Singers,

    You should have received a link for tonight's rehearsal.

    Please contact me direct if you have not yet received it.

    Take care everyone - and all of us on the Action Group hope you see again on-line all after Easter.

    Look out for further emails.

    From the Action Group
    Alan, Barbara, Caitlin, Fiona, Gavin, Neil and Nikki 

  • BBC One Show screening of 21 July Festival
  •  Date Posted: Tue, 10 Sep 2019
  • Rehearsals start again on Monday 9th September
  •  Date Posted: Sat, 17 Aug 2019
    Rehearsals start again on Monday 9th September
    We have 40 sessions in the 2019/2020 academic year, including 3 Big Sing end of term social events, and no charge to perform at concerts. 

    New members are always made welcome at any time. Come along before 7 pm on a Monday night, and introduce yourself. Your first taster session is free!  Bring your children for a £1 each (8-18) after first free taster session. 

    ANNUAL £210 
    Annual fees payable in September are based on £6 per week with 5 free weeks. 

    If you prefer not to pay annually then you may pay either weekly or termly. 

    TERMLY - One week free each term
    Autumn 14 weeks £78, Spring 12 weeks £66, Summer 14 weeks £78

    WEEKLY £6  (18 and under £1)

    Fee rates will normally be revised in September to coincide with our new financial year (Sept to Aug)
  • Summer Music Festival and Bar b q
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 27 Jun 2019
    Summer Music Festival and Bar b q
    Our popular festival in the garden at The Wyndham Arms, Kentisbeare 21 July
    From 12 til late. 
    All day entertainment.
  • Choirworx Festival Invitation
  •  Date Posted: Thu, 4 Apr 2019
    An Invitation to join our Community Choir and Singers Festival

    Bank Holiday Weekend Sun 5th May 2019 
    At 'The Venue' in Uffculme, near Cullompton, Devon

    The weekend will be led by the inspirational choir leader, performer and composer  Scott Stroman

    Choirs as well as individual singers are welcome.
    Experience the fun of mass choir signing, workshops and tuition during the day, and hear some choirs perform in a short concert at the end of the day.
    Join us for one day, or both days and make a weekend of it.
    The format will be the same both days but with different musical material.
    We are privileged and delighted that Scott Stroman is coming to lead our Choir Festival. His motivating and captivating approach working with choral groups down the years has enthused singers of all ages and stages. His energetic style encourages, teaches and develops powerful, high quality performances from everyone!
    ‘The Venue’ is the latest impressive addition to Mid-Devon’s performance and meeting spaces. As well as the main auditorium space and 2 studio spaces, we have access to additional classroom spaces, a bar, cafe, outdoor space and a team of ChoirWorx Ambassadors ready help you have a fabulous day! 
  • Summer term 2019
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 11 Apr 2018
    Summer term 2019
    Our Summer term ends with a full weekend of singing.
    Saturday 20 July rehearsal for  our Big Garden Festival with friends in the Wyndham Arms Garden on Sunday 21st July, followed by an entertaining evening sing song at the pub, open to everyone,
    then our regular Big Sing on Monday 22nd July.

    Come along and see us on Sunday - it promises to be an exciting day!
    Bar b q, drinks, music and good friends, raising funds to support Vocieworx to recover from the email scam.

    See News and Events for more details and poster coming soon!

    See for exciting news of our festival 3 May 2020.