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Sponsor, Support or Donate

We are a self-funded, non profit organisation. We have supported various charities over the years at most of our concerts and events seeking donations for various charities including Devon AirAmbulance, Hospicecare, Marie Curie and Medics4Ukraine, and various other local causes.


We would very much appreciate the sponsorship of any company or individual willing to provide us with financial support, help fund a particular expense or contribute towards any particular fund raising event.

Any form of support would always be welcome:
  • selling tickets
  • taking tickets on the door at events
  • collecting for charity at events
  • offering us a venue
  • organising or suggesting events for us to attend
  • providing biscuits or making teas and refreshments at rehearsals or events
  • providing raffle prizes to raise funds at events
To discuss sponsorship or any other offer of support, please contact our Music Director, Alan Boxer: 07980 981656,

You might like to give us a donation to support our current fund raising - please contact our Treasurer: to do so.

Thank you