Covid Precautions Winter 2021

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Posted By: Barbara Wood
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 15 Nov 2021
REMINDER Covid precautions are still important – keep on testing!

Test, Mask, Coat, Chair Sing!
Bring your chair, coats & layers to keep warm 
& a drink to lubricate those vocal chords,
wear a mask on entry & when registering,
and most of all,
What better therapy is there, after all?!

We are following guidance around this as follows. Please read:-
Covid testing and vaccinations: 
We would prefer attendees to be fully vaccinated, in order to protect each other.
Please do a Lateral Flow Test before attending to show a Clear result (ie negative)
If you have been in close contact with someone positive, or have been pinged, please only attend if you have negative tests, AND please follow the NHS guidance emailed to you.
Ventilation and air circulation:
This is thought to be important, especially among singers to improve air-flow.
Despite the colder weather, some doors and windows will be open.
We will not open all of them, but need enough open to encourage air-flow in the Village Hall.
PLEASE wear masks and keep your distance when queuing around Heather, and when entering the hall. 
We are very grateful to Heather for all she does. She needs to register who attends, but would prefer that payment is made on-line to minimise not only her workload, but also her contact with cash and yourselves!  
Otherwise, wearing a mask is still optional when moving around, but is encouraged if you prefer.
Chairs, use of toilets, drinks and sanitiser:
Remember to bring your own chairs – We are all agreed this works well, and are keen to continue so that we don’t have to sanitise and wipe hall chairs down!
If you use the loos please be extra vigilant and leave them tidy and clean! 
Bring your own drinks - again, we think this works well as we don't have to sanitise the kitchen etc.
Sanitiser will be available, but bring your own for easier access when you need it.