Come along to a Monday night rehearsal as a taster
First session  FREE!

Y0u don't have to be able to read music - we project all the words and music on a huge screen and teac h you the parts.

You will have access as a member to all music, words and vocal tracks on our website,
 so you can listen to and practise your own part as much as you like.. We often create CDs too for you to learn while on the move in your car for example.

You can just enjoying singing at rehearsals, you don't have to take part in concerts if you'd prefer not to.

Please have a good look around our website,
and feel free to contact one of us if you have any questions - otherwise we look forward to seeing you at rehearsals (and some of us go down to the pub afterwards if you would care to join us to make new friends and have a chat!)

New members are always made welcome at any time. Some people can't make it in time for 7 so come a little later, and some have to leave early - that's fine!

Come along before 7 pm on a Monday night, and introduce yourself. Your first taster session is free!

HOME PAGE for more information.

You do not have to be able to read music.