More Info about our VoiceWorx LIVE online rehearsals

More information.......

  • The Zoom invitation and password will be emailed to you so you can join the VoiceWorx LIVE sessions.
  • It’s a different experience to singing in the hall on Mondays! We can all sing at the same time, and we can chat to each other in between songs.
  • We can write questions in the CHAT column, and we can see but not hear each other as we sing.
  • We hear the track and pre-recorded voices that Alan broadcasts to you. 
  • We can still get lively, warm up properly, sing our hearts out, and learn each part separately as we go through the hour. 
  • New members can come for a free TASTER session if you’d prefer to do that! Just indicate that on the simple sign up form.
  • You will need to set up ZOOM on your computer, or tablet. We’ll provide instructions for that and support you in any way we can to get it all working.
  • You will need to print your own music at home so it’s ready for our gatherings, or use a tablet or other device to look at it.

VoiceWorx EXISTING MEMBERS need to register and pay HERE

NEW MEMBERS - Welcome! Please register and pay HERE

(NB If you are a paid-up ANNUAL VoiceWorx  member you don’t need to pay any more)


1. What if lock down is lifted before the end of term?

We will review how best to progress with everyone who has participated, and agree it at that stage. We live in uncertain times and cannot predict what might happen – but will make every endeavour to continue in some way. We will refund if necessary.

2. Will I get a refund from my annual VoiceWorx fees?

Please contact Heather Lamport direct if you wish to discuss this, otherwise, we will re-assess for you at the end of term.

3. Will the last 2 rehearsals and Wyndham Concert happen in July?

VoiceWorx LIVE is intended to run for 12 weeks covering 24 sessions, including May Bank Holiday. We will re-assess nearer the time what will happen about our planned concert. Maybe our Big Sing will be our reunion and celebration of lifting lock down!

4. What if Alan is ill?

Alan is being supported by two other experienced choir directors, Maria and Sue. We will do all we can with Maria and Sue to ensure the sessions continue to run.

5. How much does it cost? 

The rates are £50,  £25, £12.50  or £6 as set out on the Payments Page. Use "Other" if your chosen fee plan is not shown. (NB. payments via PayPal will incur a fee)

Please discuss with Heather if you have any further queries.

If you have already paid, and now wish to adjust your membership in the light of this, it would be easier for Heather to offset it against next term, but if you require a refund please email her to arrange this.

6 Why have you changed the fee structure from a set fee of £50, (as originally advertised)?

Like many other things in life at present, things change by the day! So, hopefully you won’t be surprised to hear that in the light of feedback from some of you, we revised our fee structure and hope that you will understand and bear with us in these changing times!

The rationale for this is:
A). We don’t know when lock down will end, but expect it to be at least another 6-12 weeks before it is safe to return to the village hall, so we will accept payment in two instalments if you wish.

B). Some people have commitments as a result of Covid 19 - eg odd shift patterns, caring duties etc - so, we will accept a  normal weekly payment of £6 if you want to dip in and out. Sorry we cannot administer less than this for a week whether or not you attend both sessions. 

C) Some people are joining as family groups.

7. Do I have to do a recording?

We’d love to encourage you to try! But no-one HAS to. Here are some really great benefits to YOU and VWx of doing some recording of yourself singing your part:
  • Musically and vocally. Recording yourself and listening back is alarming sometimes, but really helps you improve your sound, pulse, tuning and rhythm! It’s hard at first - but you will reap the benefits in singing improvements, especially if you try several.
  • Socially - great to keep in touch with friends, and make new ones! Some of the time we will break into smaller groups where a bit more chat might be possible.
  • Promotionally - we’ll have some great tracks to add to our website and be able to use them across social media
  • Members can see more info on how to upload your video after logging in - See: LOGIN drop down, then click on Documents 
8. Where can I get help with setting up Zoom?

We have provided some basic instructions to help setting up Zoom and using it to join a singing gathering HERE. You can also access many professionally made videos online that will help you. Zoom provide a great page with lots of specific help HERE.

9. Who is VoiceWorx LIVE run by?

Please take a moment to look around our website to find information about Alan Boxer and VoiceWorx. 

Our current members come from all parts of Devon, many from villages around Kentisbeare and Cullompton, with people coming from as far afield as Tiverton, Exeter, Teignmouth and Exmouth, and even Lyme Regis.

10. Where can I get more information?

Please contact either Barbara Wood,
or Alan Boxer