VoiceWorx LIVE Online Info

More information for Summer 2021

  • 26th April to 12th July. Then further outdoor performances.

MONDAYS on ZOOM (& later in the hall). The MAIN EVENT!
Our Main Weekly Sing. 
7pm - approx 8.20pm 
NB: We hope that we will be working FACE2FACE at the hall from 7th June onwards, but can't be sure until we have further guidance from DCMS. We start learning our concert material in ZOOM sessions from the 26th April, including sectionals at the Monday sessions, where you can learn your own part with others singing the same as you.
  • 7pm - approx 8.20pm (come at 6.45 onwards to say hi and be ready for the off!)
  • Will be the main event each week. All the material we're covering in the coming weeks will be sung and taught on Mondays
  • We'll have more time in sectionals to learn parts to the songs with Alan, Sue and Maria every Monday

THURSDAYS on ZOOM:  7-8pm. A more informal session.
  • 7-8pm (starting a few minutes before 7pm)
  • will be led by one of us - Alan, Sue or Maria
  • will be a briefer session - and good good for anyone who can't come on Mondays.
  • also good to come and run over again the songs and parts we rehearsed on Monday - extra practice!
  • should give time for more interaction with the leader and each other, depending on numbers

Join in on both Mondays and Thursdays and get that extra practice 
to help you get your part right, or just come on Mondays - your choice!
  • The Zoom invitation and password will be emailed to you so you can join the VoiceWorx LIVE sessions.
  • We can write questions in the CHAT column, and we can see but not hear each other as we sing.
  • We hear the vocal tracks as we sing, including your parts, so it's like singing along with the choir.
  • We warm up properly, sing our hearts out, and learn each part separately as we go through the session, often in separate 'rooms' each with a different leader.
  • New members can come for a free TASTER session. Just indicate that when you REGISTER
  • You will need to set up ZOOM on your computer, or tablet. There's some help for doing that HERE.
  • You can print your own music at home - it helps to have your own copy, or have it showing on a tablet or computer if you know how! We'll also project the music and words on screen during the rehearsals.

Everyone, new or old members, needs to REGISTER AND PAY HERE

Fees Summer 2021:

Never been before! Come for a one-off taster to see how you get on (FREE)
a. ALL Mondays and Thursdays, including the Big Sing on Monday 12th July - £150
b. FIVE Mondays and Thursdays - £75
c. ALL Mondays, including the Big Sing on Mon 29th March - £100
d. FIVE Mondays only - £50
e. ALL Thursdays only - £70
f. FIVE Thursdays only - £35
g. PAYG Mondays - £10 pw
h. PAYG Thursdays £7 pw
i. The Big Sing Only (Mon 12th July) - £10

Come and perform at the Wyndham Garden Concert on Sun 11th July! (FREE to take part)

Once you have registered you will be directed to the payment page. 


1. Will we be singing together in hall this term at all?

We hope so from June 7th! As we get closer to that time we will review how best to progress iand let you know how it will work.

2. What if one of our leaders is ill?

Alan, Maria and Sue are working together closely. We will do all we can to ensure the sessions continue to run.

3. How much does it cost? 
The rates can be seen above and on the
Payments Page HERE.  
Please discuss with Heather if you have any further queries. halamport@yahoo.co.uk

4. Does everyone need to register and pay, even if we're in the same house or room, using the same screen? 

Yes. We need each person to register and pay, in order to make it financially viable. The overall cost of preparation, tracks, videos, scores and running with three leaders so we can rehearse parts is greater than when we operate live in the hall, the reduced numbers of participants makes it slightly more expensive per person too. Registration for Spring 2021 is HERE

5. Do I have to do a video recording?

No! But we’d love to encourage you to try! There are many musical and vocal benefits from working on your own recording - many members have said that making recordings has helped them improve their singing! Videos will be "opt-in" for those that want to take part.

6. Where can I get help with setting up Zoom?
We have provided some basic instructions to help setting up Zoom and using it to join a singing gathering HERE. You can also access many professionally made videos online that will help you. Zoom provide a great page with lots of specific help HERE.

7. Who is VoiceWorx LIVE run by?

Please take a moment to look around our website to find information about Alan Boxer and VoiceWorx. We're so grateful to have Sue Wilson and Maria Thorne also leading our sessions this season. Our current members come from all parts of Devon, many from villages around Kentisbeare and Cullompton, with people coming from as far afield as Tiverton, Exeter, Teignmouth and Exmouth, and even Lyme Regis.

8. Where can I get more information?

Please contact Alan Boxer alan@voiceworx.org.uk about musical and membership things, Heather Lamport halamport@yahoo.co.uk about financial matters.